Competition Rules


  • Participants must not currently be or have formerly been a full-time paid professional.
  • The MIDWEST Tuba and Euphonium Conference Competitions are open to contestants of every race, gender, and nationality. Each contestant must be a member of ITEA and a registered conference participant. Previous MWRTEC competition winners may not enter the same category again. However, they may enter a different category. Second and third place winners are eligible to enter the same category again.
  • Contestants for the Student Solo Competitions must not have reached their 20th birthday by 12/01/2020. A copy of a birth certificate, passport, or other definitive identification must be submitted with every entry application for the student solo competitions. There is no age limit for the Artist Solo Competitions, the Mock Auditions, or the Quartet Competition. Please note: you will be requested to submit a scanned document as proof of age along with your Registration.Student Division Applicants will need to supply a proof of age (scanned copy of birth certificate, license, passport ID page, etc.) via email to after the online application has been completed.
  • Every competitor must a member in good standing with ITEA and have registered for MWRTEC.
  • Previously MWRTEC competition winners may not enter the same competition again but can feel free to compete in another category/competition.
  • Competitors are NOT required to record with piano accompaniment for their preliminary recordings. Pianists will be provided for live rounds.
  • Previous MWRTEC 2nd and 3rd place winners are eligible to compete in the same category again.
  • Applications and Fees: All competitors must pay a fee of $30 per competition (Artist, Student, Mock) that is entered, and $50 for the Quartet Competition (one member of the group should pay this competition fee). This is in addition to the requirement that each competitor pay the conference registration fee and any necessary ITEA membership fee.
  • Deadline for recordings: February 10th, 2020.
  • Register and submit at

• Do not use your name in labeling your soundfile. Recordings will be sent to judges anonymously.
• Upload your files in a standard MP3 sound file format. Filesize is limited to 10 MB (no exceptions).

Please note: you will be requested to upload your recording during Registration.

Need help consolidating your recordings into one single track and/or converting it to the MP3 format for submission? Download a FREE version of Wavepad at

2020 MWRTEC Competitions will include the following:

Solo Artist Euphonium, Solo Artist Tuba, Young Artist Euphonium, Young Artist Tuba, Mock Military Band Euphonium, Mock Orchestra Tuba and Chamber Music Competitions.

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